Modern Terracotta Plant Pots

terracotta indoor planters

Give your plants a better home

Check out Nola’s selection of modern, neutral coloured indoor plant pots. They have all been selected for their design but also their eco friendly materials and packaging. At Nola, we believe plants shouldn’t live in plastic. That’s why we stock plant pots made out of natural, porous stone and offering good drainage, which is essential to most plants. 

  • Weathered antique plant pot

    Weathered antique plant pot

  • large terracotta plant pot hand painted


  • madam stoltz nola plant pot 1

    Small Striped Flower Pot Steen

  • red stone plant pots

    Stone Plant Pot Set Marmen

  • IMG 6963 removebg e1605465812909


  • IMG 6979 removebg


  • terracotta indoor plant pot


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