Madam Stoltz Collection

plant baskets madam stoltz

Madam Stoltz Collection

Madam Stoltz is a boutique Danish manufacturer of home decor. Their designs are boho and stylish and use natural materials of the highest quality and sustainably sourced.

  • large indoor hanging planters

    Seagrass Indoor Hanging Baskets

  • madam stoltz nola plant pot 1

    Small Striped Flower Pot Steen

  • red stone plant pots

    Stone Plant Pot Set Marmen

  • aei 16140abc removebg e1605790549758

    Grass Plant Basket Bundle

  • plant grass basket

    Grass Plant Basket

  • iron plant stand three legs

    Iron Plant Stand Optillen


Madam Stoltz

Madam Stoltz brand stands for authentic craftsmanship, handmade and creative designs and sustainable sourcing. 

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