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So you bring your new plant baby home, excited to see it grow, water it and play classical music to it. The only thing left to do is find the right spot for it!

You will of course want to consider things like sun, humidity or heat exposure, or whether it will enjoy the company of its other plant buddies.

But there is one other thing you may want to think about:

Do you want to keep it in the plastic pot it came in?

I used to just plop plants in their plastic pot from the nursery straight into a decorative cover and call it a day.

But back then I didn’t really have much success growing plants that survived for longer than a month.

If you think about it, keeping a living, breathing thing in a plastic container doesn’t really feel right, does it?

Yes, plants can grow in plastic and some actually prefer it. If the drainage is good and the pot doesn’t get exposed to much heat, your plant will be fine.

plant pot with drainage

But, as your instinct is probably telling you, there are better habitats for your plant to live in.

Plant pot with drainage

A pot that breathes.

Holds moisture.

Adapts to temperature.

For Nola, I selected pots I would like to have in my own urban jungle:

This is why re-potting your new plant into clay, ceramic or cement pot as soon as it comes home with you is the best thing a new plant parent can do.

shape 1 plant pots with drainage

Reclaimed pots

I scour antique fairs and rumble sales to find the most gorgeous, character pots which still have plenty of life in them and can provide a lovely home for another plant (once cleaned up a little).

arches plant pots with drainage

Clay pots

There’s nothing like true clay, earthen pot to grow and breathe together with your plant in complete harmony.

Nola Terracotta range are all plant pots with drainage hole in the bottom.

shape 18 plant pots with drainage

Cement pots

Produced in Vietnam and made only using ethically sourced blends of glass fibres and cement and then reinforced by a frame of fibre sheet, making them lightweight but extremely tough

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