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This print is wonderful for a plant lover’s office or home. It’s the perfect size for a small space, or even to frame and give to someone as a gift. It will look just as good framed on the wall as it does in a flower pot! The hand drawn lines that are meant to look like natural rock and clay which inspire all of Nola designs.

  • 45 x 60 cm high quality print
  • Earth colours which perfectly complement green leaves and fit in with a neutral aesthetic
  • Designed in Surrey

45 x 60 cm

If you would like this print in a different size, please email us at and we will be happy to make that happen for you.


Next day shipping Monday-Friday. Orders placed after 2 PM on Friday will be processed the following week.

Returns and Refunds

Don’t you hate it when you order something online and it looks completely different by the time it arrives? Well, this is nothing like that. First of all, I’m pretty sure you will love your new pot and will want to plant something in it immediately. But if for some reason, you don’t feel that way, just email me at and I will arrange for a courier return (as it’s a fragile item, shipping is a tricky issue).

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