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Explore the Madam Stoltz plant pot and basket collection.

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optillen plant stand


Optillen Plant Stand

Our Favourite Plant Pots

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  • terracotta indoor plant pot


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what we love indoor plant pots
we love boho spaces decorated with plants and natural materials. explore our collection of crystal creations, wicker baskets, dried flowers and other beatiful creations made by nature and styled by Nola.

Crystal Creations

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Plants make me happy. How about you?

Shop Collections

  • IMG 9110 indoor plant pots

    Pot of Love Crystal Gardens

  • Palo Santo and Selenite Cleansing Wand

    Palo Santo and Selenite Cleansing Wand

  • Weathered antique plant pot

    Weathered antique plant pot

  • all things perspective indoor plant pots

    All things print

  • large terracotta plant pot hand painted


  • large indoor hanging planters

    Seagrass Indoor Hanging Baskets


don’t make your plants live in plastic

find a better home for your plants

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